WRG Corporate Services offers a high degree of expertise and planning and can create flexible customized assistance packages including the following services:

For Nonprofits:

  • Interim executive director expertise and executive director search/hiring assistance
  • Nonprofit start-up consultation and assistance with state and IRS filings
  • One-on-one coaching for executive directors
  • Board training
  • Strategic visioning and strategic planning
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Comprehensive Policies and Procedures review and/or creation
  • Creation of comprehensive on-boarding manuals for new directors or employees

Nonprofit Resources:

For Corporations:

  • Executive coaching
  • Comprehensive onboarding manual for directors or employees
  • Creation of regulatory and shareholder reports in partnership with legal counsel and financial advisors
  • Creation of file systems for historic records
  • Creation of draft corporate policies for legal review
  • Creation of annual task calendar to meet regulatory needs including filing deadlines
  • Minute-taking for corporate and shareholder meetings

Interim Executive Director Assistance

There is help for organizations in transition
Is your organization facing a transition at your staff leadership position? Did your executive director leave with little (or no warning)? Did you discover issues that caused your board to make drastic and expedited decisions? Or, are you planning for a leadership change and need help in the interim? If you, as board leaders, have been tasked with making some important short-term decisions that will position your organization for future success, we can help.

Having experienced this transition from several different positions (including board member, executive director, staff member, and an actual interim director), we can help you navigate the time between the departure of your current executive and the hiring of your new leader. Whether you are in an emergency situation or you have a little time, some of the decisions you might be wrestling with are not uncommon for organizations in transition:

  • Should we hire someone immediately or hire an interim so we can take our time to find the best fit?
  • Do we have a current staff member or board member positioned to step into the role or should we hire an interim?
  • Is our organization healthy enough to attract a new leader or do we need an interim to help us strengthen parts of our organization?
  • We’re in crisis because our leader left with no notice, but we’re not prepared to hire anyone. Is an interim right for us?

Let’s talk. Between now and the day your new leader starts, we are ready to help you assess your current situation, work with you to manage your finances and operations, help you address immediate or potential concerns, and support you and your staff.