Recommendations From Clients

Idaho Head Start Association
Jennifer has a been a great resource to me in helping to plan for a transition in leadership at the Idaho Head Start Association. She helped outline the key steps and insights in conducting a job search and provided guidance in determining a new organizational structure.  Jennifer is a skilled speaker; she provided a training on succession planning to Head Start Directors at our 2023 Annual Conference that created a roadmap for leaders to take back and implement at their individual programs.  Program directors found the training to be excellent; several have followed up for more intensive coaching.
Bill Foxcroft, Executive Director, February 2023

Yoga Tree of Boise Foundation
Working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure, and her exceptional qualities as a consultant have left a lasting impression on our organization. From the moment we engaged her services, she demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding our needs and goals. Her dedication to comprehending our unique challenges and aspirations allowed her to tailor her approach specifically to our  needs. We wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer to any nonprofit seeking a knowledgeable strategic partner.
Laura Larson & Jennifer Knight, Co-Chairs, November 2022

Orton Botanical Garden
Jennifer Wheeler surpassed our expectations during her consultation about sustainability of a fledgling nonprofit botanical garden. Her succinct organizational audit report focused our Board’s task energies, and varied sample guidelines will help us grow. Her practical advice about our draft leadership succession plan was so much better than internet models and suggestions. Her wide-ranging experience with nonprofits having very different purposes indicates that her consultation may benefit any nonprofit. ​Jennifer worked efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably with all who interacted with her.
Caroline Morris, Co-Vice President, OBG, August 2020

Diabetes Alliance of Idaho
Working with Jennifer was vital to the success and health of the Diabetes Alliance of Idaho. Her expertise helped us become a recognized non-profit in Idaho as well as gave us all the resources and knowledge needed to apply for our 501c3 status. Jennifer was very helpful and efficient at working with our leadership and keeping us on task as we tread onto new territory as an organization. As a new Executive Director, Jennifer provided much needed counsel and assistance. We hope to get to work with her again soon.
Ashley Rundle, Executive Director, April 2020

American Whitewater
Thank you for all your assistance on this project and the positive reaction to the final product. We will work together on future projects.
Mark Singleton, Executive Director, January 2019

Tobacco Free Idaho Alliance
WRG Corporate Services helped us engage our members in a visioning process that coalesced our ideas and created a clear direction for the future. Jennifer’s support was strategic, flexible, and always based on our group’s specific needs at that time. She was a pleasure to work with and was a crucial partner in helping us chart our goals and create a path to reach them.
Heather Kimmel, Director, Health Promotions, Western Division, American Lung Association
and Board Chair of the Tobacco Free Alliance of Idaho, September 2018

Idaho Oral Health Alliance
Jennifer’s expertise with operational policy creation, best practices, and general ability to organize everything has propelled our nonprofit. Thanks to her professional and friendly style, we are working more efficiently than we ever imagined possible.
Jack Lincks, DDS, retired Chairman of the Board, the Idaho Oral Health Alliance, January 2018

Idaho Nonprofit Center
I was so lucky to have Jennifer Wheeler as a member and president of my board at the Idaho Nonprofit Center. She led several committees throughout her tenure and delivered comprehensive and well thought out organization and board policies. She was very effective at running meetings, keeping me and other board members on task, and creating a fun environment to do our work in. Jennifer was a real asset to the Idaho Nonprofit Center and was instrumental in its growth as an organization.
Lynn Hoffmann, Retired Executive Director, Idaho Nonprofit Center, and current CEO, Intermountain 3D Inc., July 2017

PCS Edventures
As Assistant Corporate Secretary, Jennifer created our complete Onboarding Manual for new board members. Her interaction with our staff, legal counsel, and leadership team was thoughtful and efficient, and we continue to utilize her services.
Britt Ide, Board Chair, PCS Edventures, March 2016

Ide Law & Strategy, PLLC
Jennifer has the perspective of the eagle AND the mouse–she has an unique ability to see
both the big picture and know what it takes to make the details happen on the ground.
Britt Ide, President, Ide Law & Strategy, PLLC, April 2015